A grand election rally to propogate BJP RPI  coliations candidates for zilla parishad panchayat samiti election was arranged at Ulwa sector 19 ground addressed by popular and karyasamrat CM Shri Devendra Ji Fadanvis While adressing the gathering the hon.CM .said that raihon.c.m.gad district will be the centre stage district not only in Maharastra but in the country as large development activities such as Navi Mumbai international airport, jnpt,ongc plant are established in the district and appealed that for the future propspect bjp party shd be in power in the zilla parishad like centre and state govt. Govt is allocating crores of funds for various scheme meant for commom people but generally misused by thieflike people hence for transperent work system vote for bjp rpi coliation candidate. Hon.c.m. apprwciated the social work being done by padmashree awardee father figure appasaheb dharmadhikari. The meeting chaired by loknete ramsheth thakur and attended by president Raigad dist BJP and M LA Prashant Thakur , mahesh baldi trustee jnpt,rpi raigad dist presint sh jagdish gaikwad, office bearers of raigad dist bjp and thousands of supportwrs gathered from the district. While addressing the meeting sh p.t.demanded increase in construction cost,free hold land as is given by cidco to airport affected paps, sez to local peoples if unable to provide employment, early start in construction activities by naina,increase in water supply from kondhane,balganga dam taking in view thw increase in population be fulfilled. He thanked the Hon.c.m. for tquick decisions of formation of panvel city municipal corporation, toll exemption,12.5% lans for jnpt paps,for allocating rs.55crores and 63 crores for gramsadak yojana and alibag tourism project respectively and 500 crores for conswrvation ofbraigad fort