guru Govind Jayanti1“All the battles I have won against tyranny I have fought with the devoted backing of the people; Through them only have I been able to bestow gifts, Through their help I have escaped from harm; The love and generosity of these Sikhs Have enriched my heart and home. Through their grace I have attained all learning; Through their help in battle I have slain all my enemies. I was born to serve them, through them I reached eminence. What would I have been without their kind and ready help? There are millions of insignificant people like me. True service is the service of these people. I am not inclined to serve others of higher caste: Charity will bear fruit in this and the next world, If given to such worthy people as these; All other sacrifices are and charities are profitless. From toe to toe, whatever I call my own, All I possess and carry, I dedicate to these people.”  – Guru Gobind Singh