Under the leadership of Loknete Ramsheth Thakur and MLA Prashant Thakur  PAPs of Gavhan,Jasai, Shelghar,Belpada villages whose lans is being acquired for Uran Belapur Rly line met MD CIDCO at Belapur and demanded to allot 22.5% developed plots. He assured to settle the demand within 15 days after consultation with Hon.C.M.no.2/94. MLA Prashant Thakur expected CIDCO to settle the various issues relating to PAPs about 12.5% developed plots,procedure in distribution of 22.5% plots, acquisition of lands for Belapur Uran railway, formulation of policy for speedy disposal of PAPs demands are discussed in the meeting. MD saheb assured to pursue the matter about giving 12.5% plots to 171 villagers of Gavan as per award no.2/94.