Participation In Assembly (State)

  • There is a double hike in land survey fees by the Government. Therefore the farmers who were willing to survey their lands could not do it As a result the farming community became dissatisfied. The farmers are unable to pay the amount because of severe drought and uncertain rainfall.
  • The Police Patil received f 800/- as honorarium and ? 20/- as transport allowance per year by the State Government. This honorarium is very paltry by considering high inflation and no justice is given to them. Therefore all the Police Patils are dissatisfied.
  • Many non grantable English Medium Schools and supportive association organized protestation against poor policy and Government in paying the educational fees by the Social Justice Department. Therefore the students from backward community faced humiliated treatment and the Government did not take any action.
  • The Government of Maharashtra decided to increase the honorarium of 40000 probationary teachers but their decision was taken back within one hour. So 40000 teachers gave an application through Maharashtra State Teacher Association to the Government and still no decision has been taken. So all the teachers are dissatisfied.
  • There is acute water shortage in the month of January and February in all the districts in the State of Maharashtra. The water level in all the reservoir is low, as a result there is a problem of drinking water experienced by the people as well as animals. There is irregular water supply in the city and women are forced to walk for miles to get water. There is a need to solve the problem of water shortage but the Government did not take any action.
  • For the acquisition of the land of the farmers in Uran, Pen, Panvel, the Land Acquisition Act was notified since the land was not sanctioned within the specified time period by the greater Mumbai SEZ, the Shetkari Sangharsh Samitee demanded that the land acquisition stamps be removed from the 7/12 Extract of the farmers. The Government did not take any action hence the farmers were dissatisfied.
  • 413 workers working on daily wages forthe last 15 years in the Pushpaman Company in Teku Industrial Area in Khalapur Taluka were immediately suspended without any prior notice. As a result of unemployment they along with their families are all in a starving condition. It is demanded that the Government should take action in this issue.
  • Its been 40 years since the farmers of 95 villages from Belapur, Panvel, Uran areas from Thane and Raigad Districts have given their futile land forthe establishment of Navi Mumbai, but still the problems of the project affected people have not been solved. The local people employed under the bus services have protested many a times because of the unemployment problem. Even after giving them assurance to engage them in various activities, no action was taken by the Government It is demanded that the Government should take action in this direction.