Starred Questions

Sr. No. Question No. Details
1 1973 Inadequate fire brigade system at Thane in proportionate with the Thane City
2 5582 Demands of teachers working in residential schools of Maharashtra
3 5588 Provided Employment to the people in marine section of JNPT
4 5577 Installation of hoarding at Shreekrishna Complex Co-operative Housing Socienty at Western Highway, Boriwali
5 5583 Action against infiltraters at Transit Camp of MHADA
6 5587 Arrears of water bill of Rs.741 cr., 55 lacs & 44 thousand of BMC
7 5594 Corruption by CIDCO in process of providing amenities to residence of
spagetti at Kharghar
8 5597 Unauthorized construction at Jurisdication of Khopoli Municipal Council
9 5601 Participation of undeserved people at rehabilitation scheme
at Shewri, Wadala
10 5613 Acquisition of land for SEZ at Pen, Uran and Panvel
11 5619 Scheme for employment for Tribal people by using forest land
12 5628 Illegal chopping and smuggling of precious woods like sandal, teak,
etc in Maharashtra State
13 5618 Environmental degradation due to construction of port at
14 5625 Loss of horticulture due to heavy rain
15 5636 Dilapidated condition of rural hospital of Panvel
16 5642 Water pollution by effluents released by industry at Dhatav, Roha
17 5650 Rehabilitation of the employees of Mafco corporation
18 5649 Inferior quality in the construction of safety railings at Mumbai-Goa
Highway for dangerous turns
19 5652 Corruption in the registration of shop at Navi Mumbai Agro Product MarketCommittee, Navi Mumbai
20 5661, 16330 Burglary incidences at Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Ahmednagar, Sindhudurga
21 5663 Fraud for the employment at Kalyan-Dombivili Municipal Corporation
22 11802 Corruption by village Development office at Koyna-Village, Panvel
23 16327 Fraud in the process appointments of police at Kolhapur and
Parbhani Districts
24 16361 Duplication of documents for the road by Raigad Zilla Parishad
25 16632 Reclamation of land by Reliance at SEZ near Tembhode and Valawali, Panvel
26 16340 Holding disbursement of salary of teaching and non-teaching staff of BMC
27 16365 Problems of employee at Panama Company, Thane
28 16351 Unauthorized excavation and transportation of sand in the state
29 16353 Unavailability of Technician of C Arm Machine at Department of Urology,Saint George Hospital, Mumbai
30 16354 Pollution by Ispat Company at Dolvi, Pen
31 16357 Opposed by local people for Nuclear Energy project at Madban,Jaitapur, Ratnagiri

Unstarred Questions

Sr. No. Question No. Details
1. 2585 The occupancy certificate to be issued for construction at plot alloted
under 12.5 percent scheme to the project affected person
2. 3735 Increase the age limit upto 60 years of the Senior Citizen for availing
concession in the ST fare
3. 3737 Scholarship Scheme to student of Land Affected People by CIDCO
at Navi Mumbai
4. 3741 Providing of grant for repairs of road at Kalamboli steel market
5. 3743 Allotment of FSI Juchundranagar, Navi Mumbai
6. 3739 Daith due to snakebite of a woman at Usar, Alibag became due to
negligence of doctor
7. 3746 Corruption of Rs.80 lacs from National Rural Health Mission’s Scheme
8. 1975 Illegal acquisition of land by notary detain by Panvel Police
9. 3742 Construction of subway at Kalamboli
10. 3747 Erect of illegal people at Panvel
11. 3986 Corruption in the selling of land by APMC, Panvel
12. 5590 To provide food grain to the orange ration card holders from the scheme
for people below poverty land
13. 5591 Actions taken by CIDCO against stall of local project affected people
at Dronagiri Node, Uran
14. 5596 Lack of facilities at Panvel S.T. Stand
15. 5606 Provision of toilets for 65 lacs slum dwellers of Mumbai
16. 5609 Illegal parking and traffic congestion by container at JNPT
17. 1610 Inclusion of eligible candidates for the appointments of S.T. Driver
at Amaravati
18. 5614 Provision of separate land for dispose of waste products due to construction
19. 5622 Rejection of reservation of Yetgaon Grampanchayat, Sangli
20. 5647 Rehabilitation of dam affected people at Khed (Ratnagiri)
21. 10506 Inclusion of Dhobi community in NT category
22. 5632 Development of primary health centre, sub health centre at Uran-Raigad
23. 5633 Preference for Solar Energy projects at Maharashtra
24. 5644 Special grants for the development of tourist places at Konkan
25. 5645 Medical testing of tourist at beaches
26. Inforcement of selling of two stalls of Ideal Park Society
27. 5643 Programmes for decrease the rate of malnourished children
28. 5657 Home scheme for police of Maharashtra State
29. 5660 Arrest of five people including officer in reference to bribe at Oshiwara, Mumbai
30. 10508 Non-payment of insurance amount of fixed deposits of accounts holders
of Goregaon Co-operative Bank , District-Raigad for last three years.
31. 11809 Unauthorized pipe connection by Glass company at Bhingarwadi
from pipeline of MIDC
32. 11810 Explosives found at Kalamboli Steel Market
33. 16326 Repairing of small iron bridge connecting Satamvadi & Chindar
at Bandiwade in Kankawli Taluka
34. 16329 Unauthorised parking at heavy vehicales at Kalamboli & Panvel
35. 16339 Encroachment by scrap pickers and garage holder on gutters on
Panvel Mumbra highway
36. 20232 Closing of places of Jackpot at gambling at Neral, Karjat (Raigad)
37. 16341 Regarding decision about digging of 300 new wells by BMC
38. 16343 Unauthorised slums at Navi Mumbai
39. 16344 Encroachment of hawkers on the footpath at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
40. 16349 Lack of facilities at Navi Mumbai Bus Depot
41. 16355 Psychological & Physical abuse of girl students of KEM Hospital
42. 16372 Effect of polluted water on the health of employees in Murud-Raigad ST Depot
43. 16333 Non-payment of property tax of Grampanchayat and disobeying the
order of JNPT Court
44. 16334 Vacancies at office of special social welfare department of Raigad District
45. 16335 Non-payment of loss compensation by Ispat Company at Pen-Raigad
46. 16360 Misery of building of office of fishery at Alibag-Raigad
47. 16337 Evasion in the work set as per the norms by Public Work Department at
primary health centers at Alibag-Raigad
48. 16352 Worthless electrical poles at rural area of Panvel
49. 16358 To develop sub-centre at Panvel