• Youth Affairs
Youth are the mirror images of growth of the country. 50 crores youth population in India is the asset for the nation. Great impetus must be put into youth development, and I intend to initiate programmes centred on youth development empowerment and learning.

• Infrastructure Development
For welfare of the people of my constituency my major concern is refining infrastructure within our area. I set up intricate plans with serious deadlines and priorities. My priorities are roads, water supply, electricity, drainage, sanitation, health care, transport and safety.

• Education
To prepare an accomplished youth for negotiating with the challenges of the complex modern world by imbibing scientific temperament quality consciousness, managerial skills and human values.

• Sports and Recreation
Sports is one of the major sectors concerned with youth. Therefore I will initiate the measures to improve sporting facilities and make them more accessible to every strata of society.

• Women Welfare
Mobilize, organize and create awareness among women about the need for education, self-reliance and development. Promote social justice, economic empowerment and awareness of legal rights among women. Identify, increase and strengthen the leadership and decision making capacity of women particularly in the rural areas. Promote vocational skills for alternative means of livelihood. Train potential women entrepreneur to take up income generation activities and micro enterprises. Provide health education to women especially in the areas of reproductive health, hygiene and nutrition.

• Health
To promote health, prevent illness and provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment whenever and wherever we can best meet people’s individual and family needs.

Prashant Thakur
188 Panvel Constituency, Maharashtra