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Issues raised by Prashant Thakur in Winter Assembly session at Nagpur: # ITI Students will get question papers in Marathi. #Raised Questions about corruption in JALSWARAJA Project , #Demand for Installation of CCTV Cameras at in Mumbai & Mumbai Municipality Hospitals. #Road Repairing & Concreting of Kalamboli Colony, orders given to CIDCO. #Restart of Trama Care unit and Cathlab at Sasun Hospital at Pune, Prashant Thakur raised question. #Demand Information regarding stapes taken to Control Viral dieses . #Raised issue of temp. workers working in Govt. Hospitals, steps to be take to make then permanent. #Take a active part in Agitation of Homeopathic doctors fighting to get sanction their various demands.

    Welcome To Official Site Of MLA Prashant Thakur

    The Congress is the single party to put forth a new generation of young leaders. The Indian voting system had changed during the period with caste and religion identity becoming less important. With innovation, the television coverage spread far and wide and brought the world to people's homes and exposed the pranks of politicians. Young first-time voters were looking for a new model. Opportunities for advancement were now being able to be seen and accessible to those quick on their feet. More than two-thirds of India's population is under 35 with nearly 60 per cent of the newly elected MPs are in the 25-55 age groups. This post-independence generation of people and politicians deserves to be heard when public policy is being framed. Considering their opinion will surely bring fresh perspectives and ideas to governance. India today is a confident country and aspires to a greater role in world affairs. One of the most stirring moments in the post-result euphoria was when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told reporters, "I urge all the political parties to forget their past disputes...We should stand one as a nation."

    • A Salute to the idols

      Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Swami Vivekanand

      Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

      Swami Vivekanand

      Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who was gifted with utmost aptitude and a plain visualization, alone challenged the injustice. He also possessed a stimulating and attractive character which instinctively brought him respect and devotion. Chatrapati Shivaji was the well-known Maratha king who possessed the greatest valor to endure against the immense ocean of Mughal rule. Mother’s wisdom, father's effort and a dignity in the mother country instilled in the young Shivaji his initial accomplishment as a talented soldier and leader. Chatrapati Shivaji is distinguished

    • My Inspriation & Rolemodels

      Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

      Mahatma Gandhi

      Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

      I inspire to pursue Gandhi ji's methods for the reason that he never declared to be a hero or a super human. He took the blame of his mistakes and never laid the blame on any other person. His modesty and intensity of appreciating the plain actions has made him the “Mahatma”. Mahatma Gandhi is among those distinguished men who outlined the freedom struggle for our country. He is among the person who let go his own life for his

    Vision & Mission

    Youth are the mirror images of growth of the country. 50 crores youth population in India is the asset for the nation. Great impetus must be put into youth development, and I intend to initiate programmes centred on youth development empowerment and learning.


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